The Maiden Voyage of the Skytanic

Orientation and Assignments

Its 106 years after the Great War, and aside from minor skirmishes, the world has been quiet. Its been an unprecedented age of expansion and progression. Magic has become a field of scientific study, with rigorous logic and order applied to magical research. Technology has flourished in the Western Empire as a result of their war on magic. Tinkers have begun creating amazing things, and discovering ways of replacing magic in everyday life. The eastern kingdoms have spread, solidified their borders, and built new frontier towns. The Wolven Imperium has taken back their forests, and hold them with fervent dedication. While humans live in their woods still, and even flourish, they are governed by the Wolfen. The Library has grown, and now houses laboratories and colleges, ad stands as a beacon of learning and knowledge.

The Skytanic is a joint effort between the Church of the Traveler, a few wealthy businessmen, and the Library. They brought together an unprecedented team, with top men and women from all major fields of study. Magic, technology, psionics and good old fashioned craftsmanship have come together (with a very large amount of gold) to create an airship that far surpasses anything attempted before. The airship, while intended as a luxury transport, includes enough cargo room to ship several normal skyships, enough food and supplies to stay in the air for 5 years, and housing for a permanent workforce numbering in the tens of thousands. The ship is in the final stages of loading cargo, after which the workforce will board, and soon after the aristocracy that could afford a maiden voyage ticket will board just in time for the ships first launch.


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